Bleeding Control

H&H provides a complete line of bandages and devices especially made to control major hemorrhaging. Our compression bandages combine strengthened elastic straps with absorbent dressings and unique designs to create life saving bandages. Our tourniquets are lightweight, easy to use, and can be applied one-handed.

Pneumothorax Care

H&H’s line of chest dressings devices use unique designs to treat one of the main causes of trauma death, the pneumothorax. From our proven Bolin Chest Seal to our Wound Seal Kit and Tension Pneumothorax Needle, H&H can give you what you need to keep your casualties alive.

Trauma Essentials

H&H’s devices use unique designs and ideas to create solutions to save lives. Our line of trauma essential products put the necessary life saving tools into every kit. From gauze to cravats to tape, H&H can give you what you need to keep your casualties alive.

Field Surgery Kits

H&H provides the right instruments to save lives in small, convenient packs. From airway kits such as our cricothyrotomy kits to chest tube insertion kits and our all-in-one situation instrument tray, our field surgery kits are designed to be easy to carry, easy to use, and ready in any environment.

Custom and Pre-Packed Kits

H&H has created a line of custom kits specifically designed to meet the needs of a first responder. From pre-packed kits to full trauma bags, H&H can create the ideal kit to meet any situation.

Military Grade. Battle Tested. ™

ISO 13485 Quality Registration

H&H Medical Corporation has been successfully certified according to ISO 13485:2003, the international standard for quality management systems for medical device manufacturing.

What's New

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Buying H&H Products

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Training Videos

Want to learn how to use one of our products? Check out our YouTube channel to view all our training videos. Find out more about how to use H&H products to save lives.
News! Recent study supports using Bolin Chest Seal to manage pneumothorax condition over unvented chest seals. Read more here!

When a life is on the line, having the right tools is critical. H&H Medical Corporation (formerly H&H Associates) emergency first aid products have proven themselves in the field under real-world conditions. Military-grade and battle tested, our products give those wounded in the field and away from immediate medical care a chance for survival.

H&H’s emergency care products are designed to save lives from the most common preventable deaths in the field: excessive bleeding, tension pneumothorax, and obstructed airways. We use high quality, highly durable materials to support use under any conditions.

Being the developer and manufacturer, H&H can create custom kits and solutions to meet any user’s needs. Check out all of our emergency care solutions and contact us for more information and how to order our products.