Cinch Tight: One-Handed Compression Bandage

Cinch Tight Bandage

The H&H Cinch Tight Universal Trauma Bandage has multiple uses in treating medical emergencies, such as a compression bandage, quick sling, or hasty tourniquet. Engineered to reflect modern technology in the field of Emergency First Aid, Cinch Tight is designated as the Standard Combat Dressing by the US Marine Corps … Learn More

H-Bandage Compression Bandage


The H-Bandage is the latest in Universal Severe Trauma Dressings. An upgrade to our patented combat dressing Cinch Tight, the H-Bandage gives medics and field personnel both an emergency dressing and a hemostat for arterial bleeding and hemorrhaging in limbs. The H-Bandage’s unique design allows for one-handed use under any … Learn More

Mini Compression Bandage

Mini Compression Bandage

Designed to be our smallest and thinnest trauma compression bandage, the H&H Mini Compression Bandage provides the same emergency trauma capabilities as our Thin Cinch and Thin H bandages in a smaller, more versatile package. Manufactured with a 4”x7.5” ABD pad, it’s vacuum sealed and flat folded to be small … Learn More

Thin H Compression Bandage

Thin H Bandage

For First Responders, Military, Law Enforcement and related fields, the Thin H provides a fast, effective tool for many kinds of traumas and injuries (particularly those involving arterial bleeding in extremities). The H&H Thin H comes in a sterile, vacuum-sealed 5 mil barrier bag, in either a flat fold or … Learn More

TK-4: Advanced One-Handed Tourniquet

TK-4 Tourniquet

Our easy to apply TK-4 strap tourniquet features a strong woven elastic textile band (2” wide by 40” long) that provides incredible strength and flexibility. With one steel hook fastened steadfast (three thick hog rings per S-Hook) to both ends of the elastic band, and packaged in a small, vacuum-sealed pouch, … Learn More